MetaCity NFT Metadata Standards
MetaCity Land NFT is Using standard ERC721 metadata structure
This is the URL to the image of the item. Can be just about any type of image (including SVGs, which will be cached into PNGs by Tokau, and even MP4s), and can be IPFS URLs or paths.
This is the URL that will appear below the asset's image on Tokau and will allow users to leave Tokau and view the item on your site.
A human readable description of the item. Markdown is supported.
Name of the item.
These are the attributes for the item, which will show up on the Tokau page for the item. (trait_type is the name of the trait, value is the value of the trait)
A URL to a multi-media attachment for the item. The file extensions GLTF, GLB, WEBM, MP4, M4V, OGV, and OGG are supported, along with the audio-only extensions MP3, WAV, and OGA. Animation_url also supports HTML pages, allowing you to build rich experiences and interactive NFTs using JavaScript canvas, WebGL, and more. Scripts and relative paths within the HTML page are now supported. However, access to browser extensions is not supported.


"name": "NFT name",
"description": "Description of this NFT",
"external_url": "",
"attributes": [
"trait_type": "Color",
"value": "Read"
"trait_type": "Size",
"value": "M"
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