MetaCity 3D Social Space Intro
MetaCity provides diversified 3D venues, including Performance Space, Fans Wonderland, Game Space, Social Space, Virtual Live Broadcast, and so on. Users can experience immersive entertaining content.

Game Space

We built and launched MetaCity 3D game space to support the "Play to Earn" concept. Its features include real-time game streaming, NFT minting, and trading by cryptocurrency.

Performance Space

Fans Wonderland Our 3D spaces support immersive events in the Metaverse, providing a 360° experience for your audience and meeting live event needs such as ticketing, voice participation and VR device engagement.

Social Space, Virtual Live Streaming

Our 3D space gives users the ability to interact with text and audio, providing an interactive live broadcast experience, including rewards, emojis, and more! Clubhouses can host AMAs, podcasts, discussion groups, meetups, conferences and any audio event.